Based in the Heart of the UK we offer a full service from Design and Prototype, to Development and Manufacture.

Walsall Pressings are a Made in the Midlands Gold Member

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Walsall Pressings specialise in Technical Metal Presswork, Robotic Welding and Mechanical Assemblies for a range of customers from several market sectors including Automotive, Communications, and Domestic Appliances. Based in the Heart of the UK we offer a full service from Design and Prototype, to Development and Manufacture.

Our customers depend upon our technical ability, product quality and customer support, we provide a World Class service at competitive global market prices, consistently exceeding our customers expectation for quality, cost and delivery. 

With over 60 years manufacturing experience, our vision is to continue to exceed our customers expectation whilst reducing costs and our environmental impact. Committed to sustainability we continue to be a world leader...Flexibility is the key to our excellent service commitment.




Technical Pressings

• Engine & Transmission Covers
• Baffles / Windage Trays
• Window Regulator Baseplates


We manufacture Quality Stampings to the highest technical specifications using many different materials in coil or cut blanks including aluminium, sound damping laminates, high strength alloys, and standard grades of ferrous and non ferrous metals.

• Oil Pan / Sump Assemblies

Our machine capacity ranges from 10t to 400t  using manual, progression or automated lines achieving up to eight inches deep drawn pressings. The majority of our Precision Pressings have validation testing engineered into the process.

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